A harbour seal lounging before the race near the Selkirk Trestle.

Spectators made the best of the afternoon's late start by lounging in the unexpected sun and warmth.

2021 Head and Tail of the Gorge Regatta

October 16-17, 2021

Congratulations to everybody that was part of the Head of the Gorge/ Tail of the Gorge Regatta last weekend. The spirit and energy of this club is fantastic. Thirty-five (35) participants from Gorge Narrows Rowing Club took on the challenge, in some 24 events over an intense 48 hours. Five (5) crews snatched victory from their opponents.

Head of Gorge Saturday:
Event 12 - M4x Larry Chung, Simon Vermegen, John Wrinch, Gerry Illmayer
Event 16 - W2x Jenna Peters, Bev Smith
Event 32 - Mx2x Diana Morris, Pat Desjardin

Tail of Gorge Sunday:
Event 54 - Mx2x Kathy Dann, Andrew Berk
Event 65 - Mx4x Kathy Crawley, Frank Rudge, John Wrinch, Bev Smith

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