Our Club's Published Documents


  • OUR ROWING PATTERN - How to navigate safely around the Gorge.
  • SAFETY ON THE WATER - We do not row in unsafe conditions.
  • ROWING CANADA SAFETY VIDEO - Viewing this is a yearly requirement of RCA for all rowers and coaches. It contains lots of great information and is filmed on Elk Lake and on the Gorge.
  • CANADIAN SPORT HELPLINE - The Canadian Sport Helpline offers assistance to victims or witnesses of harassment, abuse or discrimination

General Information

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • PROGRAM SCHEDULE - The current club schedule including rows, erg sessions, etc.
  • ROWING BC - The Provincial governing body for the sport of rowing in British Columbia
  • ROWING CANADA AVIRON (RCA) - The non-profit organization recognized by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee as the national governing body for rowing in Canada.
  • ROWING CATEGORIES - Some of the terms rowers use to describe programs and events.
  • PARA ROWING IN BC - Rowing BC has some excellent information on para rowing opportunities. For information on the Gorge Narrows Para Rowing program, click here.
  • SUPPORT THE CLUB - How individuals can help support the club, and some of the organizations that have helped us out.


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