Support the Club

We'd like to thank all the people and organizations that pay dues, volunteer time, and donate money or equipment to the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club. Here are some ways that you can help.


Donate to our club though the BC Amateur Sport Fund and get a tax receipt!

Morning view of the gorge.

Your membership dues keep the club going. In addition, many members volunteer time, expertise, donate, and make other contributions to the club, and we are very grateful.

If you'd like to volunteer at the boathouse or for one of our committees, please contact our club manager at

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To sponsor the club, or a specific event such as the HOG-TOG regatta, contact our club manager at

There are too many individuals who have contributed to the club to acknowledge them here. If you've contributed your time or made a donation, thank you very much.

We would like, however, to give special thanks to the following organizations that help support the club, our members, and Victoria's sporting community.

Please take a moment to click on the linked hearts to see the list of our sponsoring organizations.

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