Masters Rowing

The Gorge Narrows Rowing Club has a vibrant community of adult rowers ranging in age from 18 to 80+. We come for a wide variety of reasons, including fun, fitness, and socializing. Some of us are highly experienced rowers, and some of us are brand new to the sport.

We are primarily a sculling club, rowing quads, doubles, and singles - occasionally we put out sweep pairs or eights. All of our rows are coached practices. Because the weather in Victoria allows us to row all year long, our daily schedule, and the practice types we offer, change with the season.

We offer several different Masters Program Price Plans, with different levels of cost and commitment. All price plans provide access to all of the different practice types.

If you aren’t sure which sessions or price plans are right for you, please contact to discuss your situation and determine the best path to getting on the water with us.

Adult rowers who want to compete at regattas are eligible for multiple event categories. Our club typically attends several nearby Masters regattas each year. Some of our most competitive Masters also attend, and win medals at, the World Rowing Masters Regatta.

If you haven't rowed with us before, see our New to Our Club page.

Whether you're new to our program or not, if you are not currently confident in a racing single, and you'd like to be, check out our Private Lessons - Confidence in a Single program.

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