Masters Rowing

Adult Rowing on the Gorge

The Gorge Narrows Rowing Club has a vibrant community of adult rowers ranging in age from 18 to 80+. We come for a wide variety of reasons, including fun, fitness, and socializing. Some of us are highly experienced rowers, and some of us are brand new to the sport.

The weather in Victoria allows us to row year-round. All of our rows are coached practices, held at specified times with a defined workout and traffic pattern. We do not rent out our boats for private use. To see our current training schedule, click here. We are primarily a sculling club, rowing quads, doubles, and singles. Occasionally we put out sweep pairs or eights.

Adult rowers who want to compete at regattas are eligible for multiple event categories. Our club typically attends several nearby Masters regattas each year. Some of our most competitive Masters also attend, and win medals at, the World Rowing Masters Regatta.

If you’ve never tried rowing before, please check out our Learn-to-Row programs. If you have rowed before, please see our Experienced Rowers page.

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2021 Masters Program 

Program Options*

Under our COVID-19 protocols, Members (Annual, Seasonal, Student) are guaranteed access to at least 3 reserved rows per week, and annual and seasonal members have wait list access to as many additional times as they like.

For occasional rowers, 10 row Punchcards are also available. Punchcard holders aren’t guaranteed reserved times, but get wait list access to all scheduled rows.

● Master's Annual Membership (January - December 2021) - $1,635 + GST
● Master's Seasonal Membership (March - October 2021) - $1,200 + GST
● Student Membership (full time, post secondary) - $75/month + GST
● 10 Row Punch Card - $165 + GST

All rowers (Members and Punchcard holders) must also be current members of Rowing Canada & Rowing BC (annual fee is $39, renewing every April 1). In addition, some membership categories require a $5 annual society membership fee.

All registration is through RCA.

Experienced, But New to Our Club?

Please see our Experienced Rowers page.

Other Cool Perks

All regular memberships are unlimited use. Every session is fully coached and planned in advance, with the overarching goals of the rowers, team, and club in mind. We normally include 4 guest passes with memberships, but have suspended that benefit because of COVID-19. We look forward to reinstating the guest passes when the current restrictions are lifted.

Membership discounts:
Recruit any new Masters member and receive 5% off your membership;
Recruit a family member and receive 5% off of your membership.

Current Training Schedule*    

MondayTuesday WednesdayThursday
5:00 AM & 5:15 AMXXXXX
7:00 AM & 7:15 AMXXXXXX
9:15 AM & 9:30 AMXXX
2:00 PM & 2:15 PMX

* This chart is approximate and is subject to change as we adapt to the COVID-19 situation. All rowing is limited to singles and household doubles. For more information, see our COVID-19 Information page.

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