Frequently Asked Questions

Once you've decided what programs you want to register for, and have checked out their requirements, registration is done online at Rowing Canada's Web Registration System (WRS). More information is available on our Registration and Registration FAQ pages.

See our COVID-19 response page for more information.

Programs and Offerings

Yes! See our Junior Rowing Programs for more information.

Yes! We offer a Masters Program, a seasonal Adult Learn to Row, and some casual adult programs. See our Programs page for more information.

Yes! Our Private Lessons program is for experienced or new rowers who want to get confident enough to join our regular programs.

No, we do not. We offer a fixed schedule of coached rows, and our members sign up in advance.

Other Questions

Close-fitting clothing (cycling/running/yoga style) so it won't get caught in moving parts of the boat. Layers on top, so you can adjust for weather and intensity of workout. Tech fabrics or wool (not cotton, which makes you lose body heat rapidly when it's wet from sweat or splashes). Thick socks to wear in the boat. Hat (for sun protection or warmth). Shoes you can easily remove and leave on the dock.

For other boats to avoid you, they have to be able to see you. Please wear light or high visibility clothing, especially in dim light.

PFDs are not required. Traditionally rowers did not wear PFDs, as they interfered with the rowing stroke. In recent years, some rowers are wearing inflatable belt packs, especially in cold water. New styles of slim profile PFDs that don't interfere with the stroke are increasingly available.

Per Transport Canada rules: Rowing shells attended by a safety boat are not required to carry safety equipment, provided the accompanying safety boat is carrying enough PFDs for each person in the largest rowing shell that they are accompanying.

It's your choice.

We row racing shells, not coastal or wide-body boats. Most of the time we scull in singles, doubles, and quads. On occasion, we roll out an eight, straight four, or a pair for sweep rowing.

We have lots more information on our Resources Page.

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