Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ARE YOU OFFERING PROGRAMS DURING THE PANDEMIC? Yes, but they’ve been modified because of the pandemic. BC Rowing, VIA Sport, and public health have worked out ways for people to safely get on the water. For example, all adult team activities have been suspended, and we focus, instead, on rowing in small boats. See our COVID-19 response for more information.
  2. DO YOU OFFER BOAT RENTALS? No, we do not. We offer a fixed schedule of coached rows, and our members sign up in advance.
  3. DOES YOUR CLUB PARTICIPATE IN REGATTAS (I.E., COMPETITIVE RACING)? Yes we do, but, sadly, not right now. Regattas are a lot of fun, but they are large gatherings, and are not being run during the pandemic. As soon as regattas return, we will be racing again!
  4. WHAT TYPES OF BOATS DO YOU ROW? We row racing shells, not coastal or wide-body boats. Most of the time we scull in singles, doubles, and quads. On occasion, we roll out an eight, straight four, or a pair for sweep rowing.
  5. CAN I ROW A DOUBLE WITH MY FRIEND? Under normal circumstances you can indicate to the coach that you’d like to be boated with a specific person. During the pandemic, we’re limiting doubles to people in the same “Core Bubble”, as defined by the PHO. In practice, that means people living in the same household, or people living alone who have partnered with a maximum of two people that they see regularly.
  6. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO ROW, BUT I’D LIKE TO LEARN. CAN YOU TEACH ME? Yes (but not right now). Given the pandemic restrictions, there just isn’t a good way for us to introduce new rowers to the sport and then provide them with a good follow-up experience. We want to get back to offering lessons as soon as we can. For more information, and, if you’d like, an opportunity to get on our waiting list, see our Learn-to-Row page.
  7. DO YOU OFFER YOUTH PROGRAMS? Yes! See our Junior Rowing Programs for more information.
  8. DO YOU OFFER ADULT PROGRAMS? Yes! See our Adult Rowing Program for more information.
  10. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ROWING AND PADDLING? We're a rowing club. Our Rowing vs. Paddling page explains what that means.
  11. HOW CAN I HELP SUPPORT THE CLUB? We are supported through membership and program dues, and also through volunteer efforts and the generosity of our members and other organizations.

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